MAY 13, 2013

Dansyng, fitness 2.0

A new discipline which frees your body and your voice and keeps you fit: DANSYNG®!

DANSYNG was launched worldwide during the eight edition of Rimini Wellness (8th - 12th May 2013) and represented the real novelty of the event, for which it was awarded the denomination of Fitness 2.0.

This is how Freddy introduces a new interpretation of fitness, an activity which fully involves the individual thanks to its brand new combination of Dance + Sing (= DANSYNG), where fun is an essential ingredient.

This is a path made up by 4 different levels, designed by two fitness gurus, Giulio and Paolo Evangelista, in a crescendo of music and fun which involves people, joining them together and keeping them fit, without being boring ever.

Moreover, nowadays all fitness professionals can benefit from an opportunity not to be missed: the DANSYNG® SCHOOL ACADEMY, where they can attend training courses and get the certification needed to teach DANSYNG® classes.

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