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Freddy Energy
The meeting between Freddy
and the body’s energy pathways,
creates a revolutionary technology
The meeting between Freddy and the body’s energy pathways, creates a revolutionary technology
Made with love
100% Made In Italy is the line of green and sustainable products conceived, designed and produced in Italy with high quality fabrics. Garments conceived for Yoga in which you will feel in complete harmony with your body movements, flexible and confident.
#MoveYourMind: turn your thought into movement
We are all the same t-shirt
Find out how to get the t-shirt, wear it and post a selfie or a video on social media with the hashtag #weareallthesame to share thoughts on what we need to learn from this experience to build a better future.
Britto Freddy
Proud to be the women we are
Show the world how proud you are to be the woman you are. Whatever kind of woman that may be. WR.UP® is Freddy’s largest, most eclectic collection of trousers, designed to enhance all feminine silhouettes, no matter their shape or size.
N.O.W.® Pants: casual jeans with leggings comfort
Here come N.O.W.® Pants, the slim-fit trousers perfect for every occasion. Move freely: thanks to the special jersey fabric, 100% bi-elastic, there are no #IMPOSSIBLEMOVEMENTS, not even when you work out.
Choose the perfect model for you
The WR.UP® Spring/Summer 2021 collection includes new models in the season’s most trendy nuances and fabrics.
WR.UP® Fits Better
WR.UP® is the world's most imitated shaping pants, the only original patented and designed in Italy
The art of movement
Garments with a sports DNA, designed to perfectly fit the female body, that you can wear at any time: at the gym or on your free time.

The Italian Active Shaping Company since 1976

All of Freddy's proposals are unique for innovation and fit. Since 1976, all collection are imagined and designed in Italy.