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Gym accessories

The Freddy store offers an extremely useful range of gym accessories and sports items, such as fitness and bodybuilding gloves, knee pads, protectors, hairbands, towels, training bags, and caps.

Quality products for an optimal workout

You can only get the best out of your workout if you have the right equipment. With this in mind, Freddy offers a wide range of quality products for a high level of comfort and a look with plenty of attention to detail. For example, backpacks made from waterproof D.I.W.O.® fabric and gloves with eco-leather inserts for a firmer grip.

A range of modern and versatile accessories

If you’re keen to make sure you always have a look that has been planned down to the very last detail, even when you’re at the gym, Freddy’s accessories for men are perfect for you. As well as being practical and functional, they are all made with the utmost attention to detail to add that touch of class to your style. Take a look at the Freddy catalogue for men and find the pieces that best express your personality!