The Freddy collection of bags and backpacks

Gym bags and backpacks by Freddy are ideal for storing everything you need for your workout or for carrying the essentials during a race. Beautifully designed, easy to carry, and practical, these accessories are also made using resistant and cutting-edge materials, such as the breathable D.I.W.O.® technical fabric, developed and patented by Freddy to meet the needs of even the most demanding athletes.

Practicality, versatility, and design

All the gym bags and backpacks in the Freddy collection boast a distinctive of-the-moment design. Versatile and functional, these accessories will bring an added touch of style and practicality to your sportswear thanks to their sophisticated design and innovative materials.
Discover the Freddy collection and support your passion for sports with the right accessories. When it comes to working out, choose high-quality, design, and extreme comfort with a Freddy sportswear bag or backpack.