Right to withdraw


Pursuant to art. 52 of the Italian Consumer Code (Leg. Decree n. 206 of 6 September 2005), Customers* have the right to withdraw from sales agreements that are entered into online with Freddy without any penalties and without providing a reason, simply by notifying Freddy of their wish to withdraw within 14 (fourteen) days from the date the Customer or a third party designated by the Customer (it cannot be the carrier) has received the item purchased from the official website: www.freddy.com. The right to withdraw is governed by Italian law (Leg. Decree 206/ 2005).

To exercise the right to withdraw as established by law, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from the sales contract through an unequivocal statement no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the product. For that purpose, you can use the withdrawal form found here, though it is not obligatory. Any other unequivocal statement expressly stating your decision to withdraw from the contract sent by registered post (to Freddy SpA, Via San Rufino, 31M - 16043 Chiavari (GE) - Italy), fax (to +39 0185 5910300), e-mail ([email protected]) or any other suitable means of communication, will also be accepted. The withdrawal term shall be considered met if the Customer sends his/her statement of withdrawal within the deadline of 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the Customer or a third party designated by the Customer (it cannot be the carrier) receives the item purchased in his/her physical possession. For purchases of multiple items delivered jointly or separately, though part of a single order, the 14 (fourteen) day term will be counted from the date on which the Customer or a third party designated by the Customer (it cannot be the carrier) receives the last item in his/her physical possession.

After notifying us of your decision to withdraw, you must return the product(s). The products must be returned without delay, no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which you notified us of your decision to withdraw from the contract with Freddy S.p.A. We will use the shipment date of the item to determine compliance with this term: i.e. you must ship the item(s) no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the notification date. Items must be shipped to Freddy S.p.A. c/o Snatt Logistica S.p.a., Via Ruffilli 9, 20042 Pessano con Bornago (MI), Italy.

The items must be returned via tracked shipping via courier, post or another sort of carrier. You must pay the return shipping fees, which will depend on the shipping method you use. We do not accept returns with payment upon delivery. You are entirely responsible for the shipping fees, risk and responsibility until our warehouse has accepted the package.

If the 14 (fourteen) day term to notify us of your decision to withdraw, as established by law, has already passed, remember that Freddy also lets you withdraw from the sales agreement up to 40 (forty) days from the order date, following the instructions found here.

Pursuant to article 56 of the Italian Consumer Code, if the withdrawal has been implemented correctly, you will be refunded all payments made to Freddy, including the delivery costs, without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date we were informed of your decision to withdraw from the sales agreement. Please note that you will not be reimbursed for any additional costs resulting from choosing a shipping option other than the standard, least expensive method offered by Freddy. In addition, in the case of partial returns, the flat-rate delivery costs will not be refunded. The consumer expressly agrees that, in compliance with article 59, paragraph 1, letter a) of the Italian Consumer Code, any extra charge paid for the additional packaging service (gift wrap) will not be reimbursed if the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal.

Compliant with art. 56 par. 3 of the Italian Consumer Code, refunds can be suspended until the item is received, or until the Customer has demonstrated that the item has been shipped. As a result, Freddy will issue a full refund only after having received the returned item(s) from the Customer, or having received proof of shipment. If it is found that the value of the item(s) has decreased, Freddy will send an email stating the amount deducted as a reduction of the refund. Freddy will then proceed with the refund of the amount due as quickly as possible. Without prejudice to the duty to comply with the 14 (fourteen)-day period to activate the process for refunding the Customer the sums paid to purchase the goods (the 14-day period commences as soon as Freddy S.p.A. is informed of your decision to withdraw without prejudice to the provisions of art. 56, paragraph three, of the Consumer Code referred to above), the method of refund (and therefore, the time necessary for the amount to be credited) will depend on the method of payment used.

The refund (which is equal to the price paid net of the discount offered by the coupon code used and of any value reduction as referred to above) is processed as follows, it being understood that the coupon code will not be reactivated:

  • Credit card, prepaid credit/debit card, Apple Pay or PayPal: refunds will be credited via the method you used for the payment, unless the order has been partially or totally cancelled due to items being unavailable. In that case, for technical and administrative reasons, any refund that is owed for products included in the part of the order that was not cancelled will only be made via Store Credit, which can always be converted to cash. The refund will be made in 2-5 business days after the warehouse staff has checked the returned item(s). Depending on the method of payment and on your bank, it might take 3 to 14 business days for the amount to appear on your account. NOTE: The time required to redeem the payment with some types of cards depends solely on the bank, and may in some cases be made on the natural expiry (usually 24-25 days from the date of authorization).
  • FREDDY360° credit: the value of the credit corresponding only to the items returned will be refunded to your Freddy360° credit total
  • Store credit: the credit will be issued in a measure equal to the value of the articles returned



Please remember that in all cases where the payment has been made using a Freddy 360 Credit and/or a Store Credit together with a credit card/prepaid card/Paypal/Amazon Pay/Apple Pay, the value of the Freddy 360 Credit/Store Credit (as well as the value of any coupon code applied at checkout) is distributed proportionally among the products included in the order. For this reason, in the case of a partial return, the price of the product(s) returned will be refunded by applying the same principle, which means that the amount paid will be refunded, as appropriate, in part by reactivating the Freddy 360 Credit and/or Store Credit, and in part using the same method of payment you used to make your purchase. As for the coupon code, once used it cannot be reactivated. 


It is not possible to request a replacement item. To receive a different product, you will need to complete a new purchase. In addition, we will not honour withdrawal requests for products purchased on websites other the official one www.freddy.com. The right to withdraw from the sales agreement does not apply to products purchased in brick-and-mortar shops.

If you purchased multiple products in one order, you can exercise your right to withdraw partially. For example, if you ordered multiple, different products, you have the option to return just one. The partial return option is expressly excluded for all products which are sweatshirt+trousers or t-shirt+trousers sets, such as COMPLETE OUTFITS, TRACKSUITS, WR.UP®-IN TRACKSUITS AND OTHER GARMENT SETS. These products must be returned as a set. We will NOT accept partial returns containing just one of the two pieces that make up the product.

All items sold by Freddy S.p.A. come with an identifying tag, which is an integral part of the item. The item being returned must be undamaged and complete, with all its parts (original product bag/packaging, tags, labels and additional accessories). We thus recommend that you try on all items without removing the tag and without damaging the package. In addition, please remember that, pursuant to art. 57 par. 2 of the Italian Consumer Code, you will be responsible for the loss of value of items returned to Freddy S.p.A. due to having used the items in any way except for that necessary to verify their properties, characteristics and functioning.

Pursuant to art. 59 of the Italian Consumer Code, the right to withdraw does not apply if the Customer has purchased custom-made or personalized products, or sealed items that are not suitable for returns for hygienic or health/safety reasons that have been opened after their delivery. For that reason, the following garments are expressly excluded from the right to withdraw for health/hygiene reasons if the sealed package has been opened: underwear and socks/hosiery.

*all natural persons that purchase goods for purposes that are not related to their professional activity or business, i.e. purchased WITHOUT providing a VAT no. on the order form