High-quality dancewear from Freddy

It is well-known that dancewear needs to be elegant, practical and high quality. Pieces from the Freddy collection will enhance your figure and perfectly support your movements. From leotards to skirts and wrap-around tops, the Freddy dance collection leaves nothing to chance.
Dance really does demand plenty of commitment, both psychological and physical. Dancers require good resistance and, first and foremost, excellent flexibility, qualities also typical of Freddy’s dancewear. Our clothing offers maximum performance, adapting perfectly to the female body and all dance styles, as well as a unique and elegant look.
Browse the Freddy catalogue and choose the pieces that best meet your needs. Every garment and every detail, from the choice of fibres to the sober and elegant lines, like those of the leotard with crossed straps, have been designed to meet the needs of dance movements.

Stylish dancewear from Freddy

Dance is an elegant and dramatic activity, and, as a consequence, requires clothing and accessories that are also pleasing to look at. Freddy offers you comfortable dance clothing that is beautiful and brings style to your rehearsals and performances.
The Freddy dancewear catalogue includes pieces made with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail. As soon as you put on your Freddy outfit, you will feel completely at ease, free to release your creativity and showcase your physicality. Visit the website and choose the garment that is right for you.