How do WR.UP® work? How do WR.UP® work?



WR.UP® are the world’s most imitated pants, but are also the only original pants patented in Italy by Freddy. Launched globally in 2013, these pants achieved ever-growing success thanks to the technology that naturally enhances the female figure. Find out how and why the WR.UP® technology works.



WR.UP® Shaping Effect

A. SHAPING EFFECT. A customized band shapes and sculpts the waistline while keeping the pants up and in place.

B. SMOOTHING EFFECT. A high-quality fabric with the perfect amount of stretch, combined with strategically placed panels, contribute to providing a smoothing and shaping effect to the hips and thighs.

C. LIFTING EFFECT. Specially designed seams define the bottom while creating a supportive lift.

What are WR.UP®?

WR.UP® are the shaping pants patented in Italy by Freddy to support, define and sculpt the shape of hips, backside and waist with a natural push-up effect. A technology that allows you to wear your favorite shaping pants all day long thanks to the cotton jersey fabric that makes them as comfortable as a pair of leggings and provides the natural support and shaping effect of push-up pants.

What are push-up jeans?

At first glance, Freddy push-up jeans look like regular denim jeans, but provide doble benefits: the exclusive WR.UP® technology that naturally enhances your shape and the comfort of cotton jersey pants, much softer than denim. Freddy push-up jeans are made with a special 100% bi-stretch denim jersey fabric that defines your shape and hugs your body like a second skin. Thanks to its ability to stretch in both directions, the fabric is more resistant and has a better fit as it does not bag in highly stressed zones, such as the knees.

How do Freddy push-up jeans and pants work?

The WR.UP® patented technology results from the perfect combination of fabric, special inserts, and seams. The cotton jersey fabric contains the optimal amount of elastane, provides support without being too tight, and does not crease. The inside of the waistline customized with Freddy WR.UP® logo, defines and sculpts the waist, keeping the pants up and in place at all times. A special ultralight membrane, placed inside the pants on the hips and the back of the thighs, creates a shaping and supporting effect, while staying undetected when you wear the pants. Finally, thanks to resistant seams placed in strategic areas, the special fit of these pants enhances and supports the backside creating a natural push-up effect.

Do push-up jeans really work?

Yes. Millions of purchases prove the effectiveness of Freddy push-up jeans and pants that naturally enhance and support your curves thanks to the WR.UP® technology that combines high-quality stretch fabric, shape-enhancing seams and special inserts to sculpt and support the body. That is why WR.UP® are the world’s most imitated shaping pants, the only original pants designed and patented in Italy.

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