Gymnastic shoes and ballet shoes for girls online

Freddy children’s dance shoes collection

The Freddy online store offers a wide range of dance and artistic gymnastics shoes for children. To get the most out of practising these disciplines, in addition to passion and dedication, you also need the right accessories: these shoes from Freddy will provide the best possible support to young dancers, during both rehearsals and performances.

Artistic gymnastics shoes

Artistic gymnastics and dance shoes from Freddy combine a leather or canvas upper with a comfortable cotton-lined sole. Designed both for competitive and recreational use, every young athlete will enjoy the comfort needed to allow them to train correctly.
Every style is perfectly finished and designed to adhere to the skin like a sock. The internal and external finishes are all made with the utmost care to eliminate distractions while dancing.

Dance shoes

Dance is a perfect mix of energy, elegance and refinement, ideal for acquiring beautiful posture and a compelling presence. Thanks to the styles available from the Freddy store, your child can wear comfortable and graceful dance shoes that will provide plenty of support as they train.