Purchase Method

The Customer can only order the products in the www.freddy.com electronic catalogue at the time the order is made as seen online on the web site www.freddy.com and described in the relevant specifications.
All the prices indicated in the various price lists are VAT included.
Freddy Online Store cannot provide any guarantee (explicit or implicit) on the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the product information and in general on the content of the web site.
The product descriptions and the various images of the same are merely indicative, and may contain involuntary errors.
Any decisions that may be taken on the basis of information obtained from this web site will be taken in full decision-making autonomy at your own risk and peril.
The information provided by freddy store is purely for the purpose of disclosure, and can therefore in no way be considered the recommendation of a doctor (i.e a subject qualified to practice said profession), or in specific cases, of other health workers (dentists, nurses, chemists, physiotherapists, etc.).
Correct reception of the order will be confirmed by Freddy Online Store in an e-mail sent to the e-mail address entered by the customer.
This e-mail is an automatic response sent by the system and cannot as such be considered acceptance of the order, but merely confirmation of receipt.
The message contains all the data entered by the customer who should check the same is correct and inform the seller as soon as possible of any corrections.
If the order is not accepted, Freddy Online Store will inform the Customer as soon as possible.