How to pay for an order

  • Payment methods

    You can use the following payment methods on the official Freddy Store:

    1. Credit Card and Prepaid Card
    2. PayPal
    3. Apple Pay
    4. Loyalty Freddy360° voucher
    5. Store Credit
  • Credit Card or Prepaid Card

    You can pay for all your orders using a Credit Card or Prepaid Card in a totally safe manner.
    Your data will always be processed and transmitted in a secure manner through HiPay and will only be disclosed to the bank to charge the shopping to the card used.
    We accept the following credit cards and prepaid cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express.

    Two-factor authentication - PSD2
    pursuant to the new PSD2 European directive we have introduced a two-factor authentication to further protect your payments by credit or debit card.
    When you click "PLACE AN ORDER" you will be redirected to the bank website to finalize the payment and verify your purchase.
    It may take some time for the notification or message to be displayed.
    If you do not receive the notification automatically, log into your banking app to validate the authentication.
    To finalize the payment you first need to activate the two-factor authentication with your bank.

    How can I activate the two-factor authentication?
    Contact your bank for information on how to verify your card.
    To complete the payment verification procedure you may need to verify your identity through your banking app, enter a unique password sent by SMS or email, or use a secure token or any other form of verification provided by your bank.

    Are you unable to activate PSD2? Choose PayPal

  • PayPal

    You can pay for your order easily and securely with PayPal.
    You don’t have to enter your credit card or other personal data. All you need to do is enter the email and password of your PayPal account, or log in with your mobile number and PIN.
  • Apple Pay

    Payment with Apple Pay is easy and fast. You won’t need to fill out forms or enter your payment info every time you make a purchase.
    Apple Pay is user-friendly and doesn’t share your credit card details, making your payments safe and protected.
    You can make payments on our e-commerce using iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.

    To complete your purchase with Apple Pay make sure you have added a supported credit card to your Apple Wallet.
    By supported credit card we mean a credit card issued by one of the credit institutions that currently support Apple Pay.
    There are many Apple Pay supported credit cards and institutions, and they keep growing.

    To know more click here.