FREDDY360° voucher, Coupon Codes and Store Credit

  • Freddy360° Voucher

    With the FREDDY360° programme, you can earn points for every purchase you make in addition to getting discounts and other benefits.

    Learn more about the Freddy360° Loyalty Programme click here.

    How does Freddy360° vouchers work?

    • If you have the right to a FREDDY360° voucher, it will be available to you as a payment method option when placing your order.
    • You cannot make a purchase using only the Freddy360° coupon, but you will need to spend an additional €15 to be paid with one of the methods of payment allowed on the website or at the store. 
    • If you are purchasing more than one item, the value of the coupon will be distributed proportionally among the items included in the order. The additional amount paid will be distributed in the same manner.
    • If you return an item paid for in part with FREDDY360° credit, the value of the credit corresponding only to the items returned will be refunded to your Freddy360° credit total.
    • Click here for more information on the Freddy360° Loyalty Program

    To check your available points, log in to your account.

    You’ll see the total under the FREDDY360° section of your account. click here to log in.

  • Coupon codes

    The Coupon Codes may be codes exclusively dedicated to you that will be sent to you via email provided you have subscribed to FREDDY mailing list.
    There are also Coupon Codes for promotional initiatives that are notified to all FREDDY mailing list subscribers via email, through the website, and through our official social pages.
    If you use a coupon code to make a purchase, the value of the discount is distributed among all the products you ordered. In the event of a total or partial return, you will only be reimbursed the amount paid net of the discount, whereas the coupon code cannot be reactivated.

    You can apply your discount code to your shopping cart or at check out by following the procedure below:

    • click "Have you got a discount code?";
    • Enter the code in the proper field;
    • Click “Apply” to apply the discount code to your order.
  • Why doesn’t my discount work?

    Unable to use a discount code or Freddy360° credit?

    Make sure:

    • the discount code you are using doesn't require an order minimum. Check the terms and conditions on or in the email that contained the code;
    • that the discount code hasn’t expired. Check the terms and conditions on or in the email that contained the code;
    • that you didn’t accidentally enter a space before or after the discount code;
    • If the Freddy360° voucher is not available as a method of payment even though you have reached or exceeded the points threshold and the counter has been reset to zero, it is possible that the deadline for returning the products (40 days of the last order) and, if necessary, managing the return (approx. 50 more days) has not yet expired.
  • Store Credit: What it is and how to use it

    The Store Credit is a credit that is generated automatically as refund in case one or more of the products you ordered are unavailable, even temporarily. Freddy Customer Service will contact you to inform you that the amount already paid for the product has been credited automatically as store credit.

    If you decide to keep your store credit, you can use it straight away to make a new purchase. At checkout, you can use the store credit available and select an additional payment method to pay for the difference, if necessary. The amount to be paid will be calculated based on the value of your store credit. As soon as we receive and accept your return, we will ship the new order!

    You can check your store credit at any time from your Reserved Area in the Store Credit section, where you will find a detailed summary.

    Please remember that the store credit does not expire.

    You can also ask for a refund of your store credit at any time via bank transfer using this form.