WR.UP® Underwear – Shaped Panty in D.I.W.O.® Pro

Product code: F7-CWRS-WRUND1HN03E

59%Polyamide 41%Elastane

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    Waist: high rise
    Fit: mid-thigh length
    Fabric: D.I.W.O.® Pro 190 g/m²
    Shaping Effect: a silicone band gives shape and sculpts the waistline, keeping the shorts high and in position.
    Modeling Effect: a high-quality fabric with the perfect amount of stretch, combined with strategically-positioned panels, contribute to providing a smoothing and shaping effect on the hips and thighs.
    Lifting Effect: Special stitching defines the buttocks creating a lifting and supporting effect.
    Flat Belly Effect: The silicone membrane helps to shape the waistline, giving a flat belly effect
    D.I.W.O.® Pro: The special Made In Italy fabric is a Rhodia Polyamide 6.6 (Emana®) yarn that takes care of the beauty of your skin. Innovative technology, with bioactive minerals, improves the appearance of skin, increasing elasticity and reducing imperfections, for enhanced beauty. The fabric’s properties remain unaltered, even after endless washing, thanks to the technology built into the fibre’s DNA.
    Besides the well-researched construction of the fibre and its specific and exclusive treatment
    , this stretch fabric uniquely permits the evacuation
    Of body perspiration.

    A customized silicone band shapes and sculpts the waistline while keeping pants up and in place.

    High quality fabric with the perfect amount of stretch combined with strategically placed panels provide a smoothing and shaping e ect to the hips and thighs.

    Specially designed seams defi ne the bottom while creating a supportive lift.

    1 - The material used is cotton jersey, devised to obtain the utmost control and stretch.
    2 - The specific anatomical shape and the various bends of the insert which covers the buttocks, create a modelling and holding effect, as well as a push up effect.
    3 - The shape of the crotch, used materials and type of sowing make sure that the trousers fit perfectly the inter-buttock groove and induce a push-up pressure.
    4 - Customized silicone band, which improves the waistline fit, with a further shaping effect inserted inside the belt.
    5 - Extra light silicone membrane, which creates a modelling and holding effect; it is inserted inside the trousers at hip/thigh level.

    Washing instructions
    Delicate wash max 30°
    Do not bleach
    Do not tumble dry
    Do not iron
    Do not dry clean