Trainers and sport shoes Black

High-performance sports shoes

Freddy’s sports shoes are comfortable and dynamic, providing the support you need when you’re training and helping you to achieve your fitness goals.
Perfect for both sport and leisure, all the sports shoes offered by Freddy are colourful, versatile and have intriguing lines. The D.I.W.O.® upper makes them incredibly comfortable. D.I.W.O.® fabric is a material produced with a special Freddy-patented technology, which helps to keep the skin dry and the body temperature constant.
An original design and innovative technology combine in Freddy’s sports shoes for men. As well as looking stylish, the shoes allow for total freedom of movement for the foot and excellent impact absorption.

The perfect blend of style and comfort

If you’re looking for a men’s sports shoe that combines comfort and aesthetics perfectly, you’re sure to find the right model for you in Freddy’s catalogue.
Structurally comfortable and appealing to the eye, each men’s sports shoe blends quality and the originality of a unique technology. To ensure you choose the right footwear for you, we recommend paying attention to the features of each individual model: that way, you will get the perfect sports shoe for your requirements.
Durability and functionality are the stand-out features of all our shoes. Our stylish footwear is sure to enhance your look.