18 MARZO 2019

FREDDY presents The Art Of Movement: you're more than athlete. You're an artist.

Everyone has their own talent, which can be expressed in various training disciplines. Sport becomes a way to move and exercise, but also a means to better oneself and express one’s own art. This belief gives rise to the new Freddy claim: You’re more than an athlete, you’re an artist.

Freddy celebrates those who, day by day, besides fighting to reach new goals, are looking for infinite beauty, going above and beyond each discipline, and achieving a higher, artistic concept.

To illustrate what underpins the concept of The Art Of Movement, Freddy produced a video engaging the top performers of various training disciplines.

Lara Mori for gymnastics, Lia Kemendi for danceAlba Muzzarelli for yogaAndrea Valtorta for callisthenics, Stefano Rei Ferrari for breakdancing, and Alessandro Re Momo for parkour.

Not only sports champions but also celebrities able to convey their passion, which they live in an all-encompassing and qualifying manner.