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WR.UP® women's tracksuits

Freddy WR.UP®-IN stylish tracksuits perfectly fit all those active and dynamic women, who want to enhance their femininity with new solutions for leisure clothing. Sweatshirts with an innovative and original design and pants made with the innovative WR.UP® technology, to give you a delicate shaping effect on thighs, hips and bottom.

WR.UP®, the technology that enhances your silhouette

Models ready to meet your daily needs for style and comfort, sweatshirts and pants line featured by an innovative technological component: Freddy WR.UP® patent.
These pants perfectly fit and give a delicate shaping effect to your hips and thighs and a lifting effect to your bottom, thanks to a system of seams and silicone inserts positioned at strategic points.

Sophisticated design, for functional and stylish tracksuits

In addition to enhancing your curves, Freddy's WR.UP®-IN tracksuits are featured by an original and stylish line. The pants wrap your legs and bottom with a stretch cotton or chenille fabric, for a soft texture and a refined look. The sweatshirts offer refined details like the oblique zipper, which makes this line very dynamic.
The fit of WR.UP®-IN tracksuits is versatile: skinny pants that perfectly adhere to your body and tight sweatshirts or softer lines; different solutions to meet every taste and need.
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