WR.UP® ORIGINAL: the only shaping pants patented and designed in Italy

Try the shaping effect of WR.UP® Pants

Skinny, straight, flared, 7/8 ankle length, corsair-style and shorts: many different models of WR.UP® Pants are available to perfectly meet all women’s needs. Thanks to the innovative shaping effect patented by Freddy, these pants enhance your silhouette by wrapping and redesigning your shapes.
The result is an appealing and innovative garment able to best enhance your silhouette. Our women's push-up pants have all the features of jeans but are made of comfortable jersey. For those who always want to feel their best, Freddy's WR.UP® Pants are the perfect garment to best emphasise their natural beauty.

WR.UP® innovative jersey jeans

WR.UP® Pants are innovative products both from a technical and stylistic point of view. Perfect to be worn in glamorous social events as well as in leisure time, these skinny pants have been designed by Freddy for all those women who want to fully enhance their femininity.
Browse Freddy catalog and discover the wide range of skinny pants made with the innovative WR.UP® shaping technology. Choose the model that best suits you, able to make you feel your best at every turn!