Yoga clothes for women Medium Support Bra

High-quality women’s yoga clothing

As you know, yoga clothes should be comfortable, practical and quality. The garments of the 100% Made in Italy collection will enhance your silhouette accompanying all your movements.
From tops to leggings, nothing is left to chance in Freddy yoga apparel. Thanks to its patented technological fabrics, Freddy products offer maximum performance and let you move freely during each exercise.
Browse our catalog, find the clothes that meet your needs and choose your favourite mats and equipment.

In harmony with your body and with the environment

For the 100% Made in Italy yoga collection, Freddy chooses a specific and revolutionary fabric. The BIO D.I.W.O.® is obtained from the castor-oil plant through an eco-sustainable production process. It offers maximum elasticity and lightness, and it also let your body to self-regulate its heat.
An elegant range of pastel colors and Freddy’s attention to detail add the touch of style necessary to enhance your femininity.