décembre 4, 2020

#MoveWithFreddy new live streams trainings

The great artists of the movement become our daily personal trainers to reveal all the secrets of their disciplines. Follow their live streams on Freddy's Instagram channel during the week and don't miss any training on our YouTube channel.



MONDAY            h 18:30                  MISS ANNE                        FEMALE TOTAL BODY

TUESDAY            h 18:30                  IOANA DUNICA                FUNCTIONAL TRAINING

WEDNESDAY     h 18:30                  ROBERTA VANZELLA      YOGA-FIT & PILATES

THURSDAY         h 18:30                  CHARLOTTE LAZZARI     ODAKA® YOGA

FRIDAY                 h 18:30                  PETRA CONTI                    FITNESS FLOOR BARRE

SATURDAY         h 18:00                  JARI RANZATO                  VINYASA YOGA FLOW

SUNDAY              h 11:00                  EMANUELE MAUTI         HIIT CARDIO

#MoveWithFreddy new live streams trainings