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SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Freddy Energy Pants®


With its constant focus on people’s wellbeing, Freddy presents FREDDY ENERGY, a project entirely dedicated to wellness developed with the support of Carlo Intiso, a renowned Prana expert.

Here comes a revolutionary patent by Freddy: to communicate with the meridians, aluminum microspheres have been placed in specific points. When these spheres come in contact with the body, they activate a specific energy map able to produce positive sensations.

The technical features of these pants are shown in a video featuring Alessia Maurellicaptain of the Italian Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team, and her Avatar that mostly expresses her sensations. Freddy describes the feelings of energy, harmony, and balance that can be perceived when wearing Freddy Energy Pants through an unmistakable visual metaphor, an energy flow, in an artistic and evocative by manner, as only Freddy can do, bringing the performance into the Art of Movement.