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FEBRUARY 28, 2022

Freddy presents the new WR.UP® SS/22 collection

For Spring/Summer 2022, to better showcase the qualities of WR.UP®, Freddy inaugurates @wrup_official, a dedicated Instagram account that presents new collections, new arrivals, and all the initiatives of the WR.UP® world.

A new world that puts environmental sustainability at the forefront. Starting today, WR.UP® will only use fabrics in organic cotton and recycled polyester, all with elastomer and recycled accessories.

A true dedication to Nature, as well as the starting point for several changes that are crucial to build the future that Freddy desires. As interpreter of this vision of a green world, Freddy chose the talented Nima Benati who developed the new WR.UP®  SS22 campaign, aptly named “For Nature”.

Watch Freddy’s “For Nature” by @nimabenati here:


Move With Freddy - Ioana Dunica e Charlotte LazzariMove With Freddy - Ioana Dunica e Charlotte Lazzari