Ballet and pointe shoes

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Freddy shoes for dance, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics

You’ve enrolled in a dance or gymnastics course and are looking for the right footwear? Freddy’s new collection of shoes for dance, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics offers a number of styles to choose from. Surrender to the music, express your emotions and offload the stress of the day wearing a pair of high-performance shoes.

If dance is your passion, check out the Freddy store!

Freddy have thought of everything with their online store, where you can buy all kinds of equipment for the widest range of fitness activities. Of course, these also include dance, a discipline that requires commitment, consistency, sacrifice and, not least, high-quality technical equipment. It is with this in mind that Freddy decided to create special shoes, from fabric, leather or canvas, with a classic or modern design, helping you find the ideal posture while training or performing.

Place your trust in the quality of items marked Made in Italy

Freddy provides everything you need to get the best out of disciplines that, like dance, require elegance and energy. The Freddy shoes designed for this activity are created with care to bring you maximum support while training. All this makes Freddy’s dance shoes extremely popular with professionals and amateurs alike. Take a look at our extensive range!