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Create your gym looks and more!

Choose from Freddy’s women’s T-shirts and tops to find the model you’re looking for!
The wide range of colours and style will allow you to choose the right combination for you, to add a touch of style to your training sessions.
Be bold with our women’s glitter print tops and convey your message to those around you in an original way. The jersey tank tops are ideal for wear under sports jackets in the office or your free time, whilst our psychedelic T-shirts will give you the splash of colour you’re looking for.

Find the right style for you

You can choose from short lurex jersey tops, T-shirts with openings at the back, and tank tops that are as light as a feather with tear drop openings.
Freddy’s women’s tops are designed to offer you comfort and versatility: the various models adapt to your body, keeping you comfortable during your training session and beyond.
Freddy’s designers focused on making the garments versatile, which is an essential element for everyday wear. If you’re always on the move between the house, the office and the gym, you need practical, comfortable clothes with that all-important touch of glamour.

Prints, rhinestones, floral motifs and single-colour garments!

Our long-sleeved T-shirts are perfect for your outdoor training sessions, especially mid-season when the weather starts to warm up but it’s still too soon to wear a tank top.
Basic colours or original motifs: choose your style and update your wardrobe!