FREDDY360° is Freddy's simple, efficient way to reward you and thank you for being a loyal customer.
Shop online at Freddy.com and earn points, which you can then turn into vouchers, plus other great benefits.
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The rules of the FREDDY360° Loyalty Program

Each time you shop at official Freddy points of sale, online at www.freddy.com, you’ll get one point for every pound spent (£1 = 1 point earned). After 500 points have been accumulated, they will automatically be converted to a 360 voucher worth £50.00 that can be used in all official Freddy points of sale or on www.freddy.com.

Points will be awarded the moment you place your order. If you withdraw/cancel your order or return the items in it, the number of points equal to the value of the return (total or partial) will be deducted. For example, if you place an order worth £100.00, 100 points will automatically be credited to your account; if you then decide to return £20.00 worth of items from that same order, 20 points will be deducted from your total points to accurately reflect your final purchase.

Considering the aforementioned balance-adjusting mechanism, the points you earn (which will immediately be visible in your personal account) will be converted to loyalty programme vouchers only after 40 days from the date of the last order that brought you over the 500 point threshold.

The points you’ve accumulated can be converted to vouchers only within the end of the calendar year following that in which you earned them. That means that on 1 January of each year, the points earned before 1 January of the prior year that haven’t been converted to a voucher will expire. For example, on 1 January 2022, all the points earned up to and including 1 January 2021 that haven’t been converted to a voucher will be deleted.

The vouchers created from points will be valid for 365 days. For example, a voucher issued on 1 June 2021 can be used up to and on 31 May 2022, the date which it will automatically be deleted by the system.

For purchases made with Freddy360° vouchers, you also have the right to withdraw from/cancel your order as established by law, or to return the items in the order within 40 days. If you return an item paid for entirely or in part with FREDDY360° credit, the value of the credit corresponding only to the items returned will be refunded to your Freddy360° credit total.

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