Lace-up Purelite shoe with a seamless mesh vamp

Product code: PURELITE3.0
Available colors
  • Pink Yarrow
  • Gray-Sunny Lime
  • Black

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    Our Purelite sport shoe is comfortable thanks to the seamless mesh vamp and extremely lightweight because of the phylite sole, with a reduced weight and increased impact absorption.
    The “groove” design on the sole was created to offer stability and flexibility, making it perfect for sports.
    Recommended for time off or low to medium intensity sports such as aerobics, fitbox or light cardio.

    Phylite sole with “groove” construction, which provides vertical stability while maintaining horizontal flexibility.
    Rubber inserts for better grip
    Vamp in breathable mesh
    Freddy print on the heel
    Product code: PURELITE3.0 70%Polyester 20%TPU 10%PU