Laolu NYC Women's Collection

Freddy meets artists. Freddy meets Laolu Senbanjo.

Following the success of the Men's Capsule Collection by Laolu Senbanjo, we decided to work once again with this visionary artist from New York City to create a new limited-edition Women Collection.

Creativity, tribal dance, and the secrets of Laolu’s art are passed on to Freddy garments giving life to a capsule where the artist expresses his creativity through an explosion of colors that enhance the body movement and highlight the expressive power of those who wear it.


Laolu’s spirituality and symbolism are passed on to Freddy must haves. The artist uses CURVE, WR.UP® trousers, a t-shirt, a very stylish jumpsuit, and a practical shopping bag, as a canvas to express his art.
It is a collection where active needs, attention to style, and the search for an urban attitude live together thanks to custom details that recall the tattoo vibrancy and will surely become next season’s must haves.

Who is Laolu Senbanjo

Laolu Senbanjo, also known as Laolu NYC, is a Nigerian artist who currently lives in Brooklyn. He is a singer, songwriter, musician, and human rights lawyer and activist.
The idea at the basis of his art is that everything can become a canvas on which he can paint and express himself. His Sacred Art of the Ori Yoruba body paint ritual features on Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’, and he has also collaborated with important artists such as Alicia Keys and Lupita Nyongo, as well as with several international newspapers such as NY Times, Vogue, BBC.
He is considered the inventor of the Afromysterics genre, which means the mystery of the African thought pattern.