Freddy360° credit and discount codes

With the FREDDY360° programme, you can earn points for every purchase you make in addition to getting discounts and other benefits. Learn more about the Freddy360° Loyalty Programme cliccando qui.
How does Freddy360° credit work?

  • If you have the right to a FREDDY360° credit voucher, it will be available to you as a payment method option when placing your order.
  • For orders equal to or less than €50, you can pay for the full order with your Freddy360° credit.
  • If your credit isn’t enough to cover the entire amount of your order, you can pay partially with the voucher and then pay the difference via credit card, PayPal or cash on delivery.
  • The value of the credit will be divided equally among all the items in the order.
  • If you return an item paid for entirely or in part with FREDDY360° credit, the value of the credit corresponding only to the items returned will be refunded to your Freddy360° credit total.

To check your available points, log in to your account. You’ll see the total under the FREDDY360° section of your account. click here to log in.

Promotional discount codes are discounts with a set amount or percentage that is deducted from the total order amount.
Discount codes can be customised and available just to you, being sent exclusively via email if you're subscribed to the FREDDY newsletter.
They might also be discount codes that are provided for occasional promotions, using the same code for all users, also sent via email to those who receive the FREDDY newsletter, via the website, on our official social media pages and on other marketing channels.
If using a coupon when checking out, the relative value of the discount is applied proportionately to the products purchased. To get a complete refund, you must return all the products that were part of the order.
Partial order returns are possible, however, in this case, you will be refunded the price of the products returned minus the discount applied to them.
The coupon cannot subsequently be reactivated.

You can apply your discount code to your shopping cart or at check out by following the procedure below:

  • click "Have you got a discount code?";
  • Enter the code in the proper field;
  • Click “Apply” to apply the discount code to your order.

Unable to use a discount code or Freddy360° credit?
Make sure:

  • the discount code you are using doesn't require an order minimum. Check the terms and conditions on or in the email that contained the code;
  • that the discount code hasn’t expired. Check the terms and conditions on or in the email that contained the code;
  • that you didn’t accidentally enter a space before or after the discount code;
  • if your Freddy360° credit isn't showing up among the available payment methods, even if you’ve met the minimum order amount to use it, and you see the counter at zero, it’s possible that the 40 day return period from the last order hasn’t yet passed.