Frequently Asked Questions

What material is a given item made of?

You can check the materials of each product in the product chart, under the pictures to the right of the description.

Will I have to pay customs duties on orders placed outside of the EU?

Yes, orders shipped to non-EU countries are subject to import taxes and tariffs.

Why do I not manage to buy from my country?
Please visit the website of your country's Freddy distributor if you country belongs to the list below:

A: Australia

B: Belgium

Canada /
China /
Croatia / Czech Republic

D: Denmark

F: Finland

G: Germany /

H: Hungary

I: Iceland /

J: Japan

L: Luxembourg

M: Mauritius /

N: Netherland /
New Zealand /

P: Polska

S: Saudi Arabia /
Serbia /
Slovakia /
South Africa /
South Korea /
Sweden /

U: United States

If your country is not on the list, please contact our Customer Service.