WR.UP®-IN with hooded sweater and WR.UP® skinny
Discover the romantic version of the limited edition, the suit in soft chenille with the comfy sweater with a soft hood and the Skinny WR.UP® with regular waist, the perfect fit for Winter.
WR.UP®-IN with a leather jacket-style top and WR.UP® skinny
Try WR.UP®-IN, The perfect Suit in its rock version. Details recall the evergreen jeans and leather jacket look, but in the softness of a warm chenille garment and the feminine silhouette of WR.UP®.

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A B side wearing WR.UP® chenille turns into art, evoking the sinuous velvety soft curves of peaches, this is #TheArtOf.
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    WR.UP®-IN The Perfect Suit

    For the first time, you can wear an exclusive total look, in limited edition, that enhances your shapes with the comfort of chenille.
    The pant is the revolutionary WR.UP®, the only one that can enhance your shapes naturally, thanks to Freddy's patented shaping effect.
    The sweater with its peculiar cut is presented in two versions, chose the one that best suits your style: comfy with big hood or rock in slim-fit jacket style.

    Discover the unique, comfortable and luminous style of the chenille of WR.UP®-IN The Perfect Suit.