Since the first day of isolation, we have felt the need to give meaning and purpose to all the sacrifices we are making. Reflecting upon the current situation is necessary because when life returns to normal, we shall all commit to building a better world.
At Freddy we have started this reflection by trying to answer the question: “What are we learning from this experience?”.

  • We are learning that if we are to achieve a goal, everyone needs to do their part.
  • That to help those in need, everyone can become a hero.
  • That to improve the world, we all have to move in the same direction.
  • That to defend our most sacred values, everyone has to equally contribute.
  • Because when it comes to loving life, there is no age, culture, nation or social status dividing us.

we are all the same

The success of the t-shirt We are all the same and the many messages you shared on social media, convinced us to create a new colorful edition:
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Share your selfie WEAREALLTHESAME

You can also post a selfie or a video on social media with the hashtag #weareallthesame to share thoughts on what we need to learn from this emergency to build a better future


*For this offer, by purchasing products from 15/05/2020 to 31/01/2021 for an overall value of € 96,50 (excluding shipping fees), Customers will be sent a coupon/it will be possible to use the WAATS2020 coupon code worth € 27,50, which can be used to purchase any other product as long as at least one #weareallthesame t-shirt is also added to the cart. When completing the order, the Customer must insert the coupon code; its value will be applied proportionately to all the products being purchased. To learn more about the refund policy when returning items purchased with a coupon click here. The offer cannot be combined with other active offers. The colour of the #weareallthesame t-shirt will be chosen by Freddy