100% Made In Italy: Organic Yoga clothing

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100% Made In Italy is the line of green and sustainable products conceived, designed and produced in Italy with high quality fabrics. Garments conceived for Yoga in which you will feel in complete harmony with your body movements, flexible and confident.

#MoveYourMind: turn your thought into movement

A revolutionary fabric

For the 100% Made in Italy collection, Freddy chooses fabrics by Brugnoli™, renowned Italian company specialising in technical fabrics that created and patented the Br4™ technology with a sustainable production process and the use of 100% organic-based polyamide (EVO by Fulgar®), based on the castor-oil plant. The combination between the Br4™ technology and Freddy’s D.I.W.O.® (Dry In, Wet Out) fabric creates BIO D.I.W.O.®, an innovative, light and highly elastic fabric that, thanks to the chosen yarn, avoids developing unpleasant smells and favours thermal regulation. BIO D.I.W.O.® is a revolution in the Freddy world!

#MoveYourMind: turn your thought into movement