Girls Leotards Black

Feel comfortable and elegant with dance leotards from Freddy

Dance is about discipline, passion and elegance and, at its best, it requires soft leotards that provide the maximum in terms of comfort and wearability. Freddy’s dance leotards for girls boast sober and delicate lines capable of satisfying even the most demanding dancers.
With this captivating collection of dance leotards with long or short sleeves, or narrow straps, every young dancer will be able to choose the piece that suits them best. Each style supports their movements with lightness, providing the sense of freedom required to surrender to the music.

Maximum comfort and breathability

Elegance and refinement are keywords when it comes to Freddy’s leotards, as well as practicality and comfort. These features offer every child the chance to get the best out of their training. Every leotard has been made with premium materials and adheres to the skin without restricting it.
By browsing the Freddy catalogue, you can choose the best dance leotards, safe in the knowledge that they will help your child with their training. Thanks to our technical clothing, young dancers have the opportunity to train in clothing with excellent wearability, capable of facilitating movement and providing maximum comfort. Technical dance clothing must always fit well and make dancers look graceful.