Throughout the human body there are energy meridians that when stimulated produce beneficial effects.
To communicate with these meridians, we have placed aluminum half spheres in strategic areas of our products. Upon contact with the body, these spheres activate your energy map eliciting a sensation of lightness and balance.


Thanks to the targeted pressure exercised by the aluminum half spheres, the garments designed with our FREDDY ENERGY® technology are precious allies for your sports practices. By wearing these products during your trainings or competitions, you may immediately feel lightness, reduced fatigue, balance, and harmony in your movements.


To test the FREDDY ENERGY® technology we have asked 100 sports professionals, including athletes and instructors of yoga, fitness, dance, and rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, to wear Freddy Energy Pants® for a few hours and to tell us what they felt.

70% of these athletes experienced lighter legs, less fatigue, and better coordination in their movements, notably:

  1. 50% felt greater flexibility and harmony in their movements
  2. 40% felt greater relaxation in their legs
  3. 40% felt less fatigue and greater muscle extension


What is Freddy Energy®?

Freddy Energy® is a project entirely dedicated to wellness. Developed with the support of the renowned Prana expert Carlo Intiso, it consists in the application of a specific technology to sportswear. The incorporation of half spheres inside the Freddy Energy® products, along the line of specific meridians, generates an energy interaction between the body and the garment thereby eliciting a feeling of wellbeing.

What sensations do the half spheres inside the Freddy Energy® garments elicit?

When you wear a Freddy Energy® garment, the half spheres activate an energy map able to stimulate a sensation of lightness and balance in your posture, and hence of greater stability.

Is it necessary for the garment or shoes to wrap around the body like compression tights to feel their beneficial effects?

No. The Freddy Energy® technology does not work like a compression garment since it does not use compression but rather contact.

How do the half spheres stay in the correct position in relation to the meridians?

The half spheres create an energy map that, upon contact with the body, communicates with the meridians without having to be placed in specific points.

Do all the half spheres have to be in contact with the body?

No. It is not necessary for the whole energy map created by the half spheres to be in direct contact with the body to communicate with the meridians.

Can the half spheres inside the garments or the shoes cause discomfort?

No. The Freddy Energy® garments and shoes are very comfortable and designed in such a way that the contact between the half spheres and the body is unnoticeable.

By wearing the Freddy Energy® garments can I solve any physical problems?

No, since the Freddy Energy® garments are not medical devices. The goal of the Freddy Energy® technology is solely to activate the energy map and elicit sensations of lightness, postural balance, and hence of greater stability in anyone who wears the garments or the shoes.

Does the Freddy Energy® technology improve sports and athletic performance?

The Freddy Energy® technology can reduce the feeling of fatigue and support the athlete by providing a sensation of balance and harmony. The performance, however, depends solely on the athlete and the product does not guarantee any improvement in this respect.

Are the Freddy Energy® garments suitable for all sports?

These products can be used both when you perform soft movements, hence during your free time, and every time you work out and experience fatigue. The effects these garments produce in the people who wear them are greater harmony, balance, and flexibility.

What material are the half spheres made of?

The half spheres are 80% Aluminum, 5% Primer (colorant), 15% Heat Activated Adhesive.

Are the half spheres durable?

The half spheres are heat sealed to the fabric of the pants. It is however important to follow the washing and ironing instructions on the product care label.

Why do athletes experience different sensations when wearing the Freddy Energy® garments?

Just as any sensation of the body is subjective and varies from person to person, the same applies to the sensations you may experience when wearing the Freddy Energy® garments.

These products are NOT a medical device. There are no contraindications to the use of these products unless you have an allergy or intolerance to the materials used. Sensations are subjective and may differ from person to person. For proper maintenance of the product, follow the instructions on the care label.