WR.UP® Push up Jeans and Jeggings

The Freddy Push up Jeans and Jeggings collection featuring the WR.UP® technology is designed for all those women who love looking classy in every occasion, enhancing their femininity with discretion and elegance.
Discovering our product selection, you will find different models able to meet all needs: jeggings and push-up jeans with skinny or superskinny fit or long, ankle-length or shorts-like ones and even with low, medium or high waist.
All our pants features top-quality materials and the innovative WR.UP® technology, patented by Freddy, perfect to help every woman to feel always her best.

WR.UP®, Freddy’s technology that enhances your shapes

Through a system of seams and silicone inserts these garments give a delicate shaping effect to your curves, discreetly enhancing your femininity.
Freddy jeggings are comfortable, practical and versatile and are perfect to be worn in your leisure-time, ideal to give all your outfits that extra touch that won't certainly make you go unnoticed.

Push up jeans in soft cotton with denim effect

WR.UP® Jeggings and Push-up Jeans Collection is made of denim-effect stretch cotton that perfectly and comfortably adheres to your silhouette.
The comfort of cotton with the beauty and simplicity of denim: pair your Freddy jeggings with a t-shirt, a bodysuit, you decide how to wear it to always feel your best!
Visit our stores and online shop, discover our WR.UP® Jeggings and Push up Jeans Collection and find the model that best represents you!