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Perfect for leisure and to create a casual, informal style, Freddy’s PRO Tee T-shirts are ideal for men that are always on the go, as they are made from the ultra-breathable D.I.W.O.® technical fabric.

Exclusive, carefully designed models with advanced technical specifications ensure you a high level of resistance and comfort, with some extra details that make the difference, such as the telephone pocket on the sleeve.

Practicality and the perfect fit

Freddy’s PRO Tee T-shirts offer you an excellent fit thanks to the elastic insert at the back of the neck. They are therefore ideal for your training sessions.

Men’s T-shirts: models and colours

You can find a wide range of men’s T-shirts in Freddy’s store. Pick your favourite model, whether it is plain, faded or printed.

We have chosen to offer a selection of men’s T-shirts with four-needle stitching to ensure durability and resistance.

If you wear the PRO Tee T-shirt you will feel free to move and will not have to worry about it getting torn or ruining the jumper you are wearing.

D.I.W.O.® technical fabric

All our garments are made from ultra-breathable D.I.W.O.® technical fabric, which aids perspiration and keeps your skin temperature constant.