Leggings Fuxia

Sports trousers for maximum comfort

Choosing Freddy sports trousers and leggings for your child allows you to add practical garments made from high-quality materials to your daughter’s wardrobe. Not only that, Freddy trousers will bring a touch of style to any outfit, with their simple lines enhanced with glitter details and jacquard inserts.

Thanks to their practicality and easy washability, sports trousers for girls are the perfect garments to wear at school, when having fun or on trips out of town.

Modern and fashionable trousers

From their excellent fit to their unmistakable style, with Freddy’s soft leggings your child will be fashionable all year round. Whether 7/8 length, simple corsair-length leggings or long jersey trousers, the design of these garments is always of the moment.

Check out the Freddy online store, browse the catalogue of girls’ trousers and leggings and help your daughter pick out the pair that best suits her personality.